Online Interior Design Rocks & Here’s Why

Online interior design might seem like a strange concept: how can we design a room that we don’t visit in person?  Is it possible for someone to know what you like without meeting them face to face?  This was undoubtedly the initial universal thought with EVERY online service (then: I could never buy jeans I don’t try on; now: signs for 3 packages from ASOS). We’ve found an effective way to get the important information we need in order to create your dream home, all done remotely.  We know it can be intimidating, but don’t let it be!  Online interior design rocks.

And here’s why.


We work with all budgets. Everyone deserves a beautiful place to call home and we know the tricks to stretching a dollar for the sake of great design. Got an inheritance burning your pocket? Carpe diem! We will spend it, wisely and carefully. Pinching pennies and want to make financially conservative decisions? We love a challenge! Don’t let the hollow echoes of your piggy bank stop you from at least having a chat with us about what we can achieve.

We also work with all styles. Be it modern, contemporary, traditional or just plain weird, we know how to give you the chicest version of what you love.


Think of all the hours spent pouring over Pinterest, online stores, and magazines. With no plan and no big concept in mind, you settle for pieces that ultimately float independently in your room with no cohesiveness. Some of that time is enjoyable, for sure, but much of it is aimless frustration. We save you the trouble by doing it all for you. You tell us your vision (even if all you have is “I hate blue”), give us some basic information and we put the game plan together. Then it’s yours! You order off the shopping list on your own time, according to your own schedule.


Yes, there is a design fee–we do a lot of work! But trust us, it’s worth it. We save you money with your investment in Kismet. Tally up the dollar amount spent on furniture and decor in the room you are currently sitting in. Include pieces you have exchanged and replaced over and over again. Now think, if you hired us, paid the fee and let us put everything together, you would only have to do it ONCE, because we give you the best version possible. Of course, there will be occasional accessories updates here and there, but no major changes and definitely no regrets. You can proudly show off a room that makes you feel good.


Guys, get this–we are accessible from anywhere.  You can begin your living room makeover from your favorite coffee shop, the comfort of your own bed, or even your beach chair while sipping cocktails on your Caribbean vacation.  As long as you have wi-fi and a laptop (or cell phone or tablet or some other amazing device from the 21st century), we can discuss your love of velvet sofas and plush faux fur rugs.  It’s simple, really–no matter where you are, we’re here.


We lay it all out there and give you everything you need to put your dream room/apartment/home together.  A floor plan shows you where exactly to place the furniture. We study the dimensions and images you provide, considering how to move around the room effortlessly and how to make the best use of space. Obviously aesthetics is a big factor too–we make sure the layout is pretty to look at! After all, we are designers.  A story board shows pictures of the pieces grouped together on a clean canvas. The shopping list contains full item details and links that take you directly to the site. Click and add to cart when your time and budget allows.  Don’t worry, we provide a guide with detailed instructions to make the installation seamless.


We are experts! Having worked in high-end design for years, we have access to the pillars in the design industry, a.k.a the people who set the tone for the rest of the interior design world. We know where their influence trickles down outside of trade-only vendors, and we know who plays it up best. Since we are constantly searching for the next best vendor, artist, furniture maker, etc., not only are we are up on the current trends, but we set our own. That way, you reap the benefits of having cutting edge style before anyone else.

Kismet listens! It’s not enough to be just creative and style savvy. We pay attention to what you say, what you envision, and what you absolutely don’t want.

And we love what we do! Design is our shared passion. Kismet Interiors is our baby. And we’re committed: we are running a business with a country between us, which is no small feat. So creating great designs for you, no matter where you live, is cake.

We can’t wait to sprinkle some Kismet magic on your home!

xo – yas&tk

Online Interior Design Rocks with Kismet Designers

image by John Shyloski via Kismet Interiors

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