Interior Design Trade Tricks | Layers

Let’s talk about layers!

Layers in hair: good

Layers in cake: really good

Layers of fat (from said cake): the struggle is real

A key interior design trade trick resulting in a room full of character is the use of layers. Layering with accessories, lighting and art, gives a space dimension. When you give a space dimension, you infuse it with life. Think of an artist’s blank canvas: empty, boring, easy to overlook. Add a layer of paint and it’s an underwhelming improvement. It’s missing oomph. Here come the layers! And now we have a true work of art, rich with substance and meaning, evoking emotion. And simply, lookin’ pretty.

Here are some layered scenes that know how to live it up:

interior design trade tricks layers bedroom nightstand mirror lamp rug pillows

image by John Shyloski via Kismet Interiors

textured pillows, textured lamp, textured blanket

layered rugs, layered artwork

staggered art, vase cluster

runners, artwork, seating, we know all about decking the halls

interior design trade tricks layers dining room art lighting varied chairs

image by Laure Moulin via Urbnite

art wall, unexpected lighting and a mix of chairs

yas -xo

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