IKEA Must-Haves You Need Now

One of my favorite things about design is the challenge to find a great look for less.  Just because you may have expensive taste (very guilty) and a limited budget, doesn’t mean you should be limited to mediocre design.  This is where IKEA, one of my all-time favorite sources for furniture, accessories, and even lighting, comes in to play.  Not only do they have super great pieces for even better prices, but they are constantly refreshing based on the latest trends.   And if you feel like you need a little interior update with each passing season (very, very guilty), IKEA definitely won’t clear out your piggy bank.  Speaking of, spring is coming!  It’s out with the old and in with these IKEA must-haves.


MUST-HAVE #1 – GLADOM Tray Table


IKEA Must-Haves | GLADOM Tray Table

(image credit – Domino)

The GLADOM Tray Table is the perfect side table for your living room.  Bonus – it doubles as a serving tray!


MUST HAVE #2 – RIGGA Clothing Rack


IKEA Must-Haves | RIGGA Clothing Rack

(image credit – LadnyDom)

The RIGGA Clothing Rack is perhaps one of my all-time favorite IKEA finds.  Not only does it provide extra storage for your clothes and shoes, but it can be used to display your prettiest pieces.  Fashion is art, after all.


MUST HAVE #3 – PS Cabinet


IKEA Must Haves | PS Cabinet

(image credit – Planete Deco)

I can’t help but crush hard on the IKEA PS Cabinet.  Maybe it’s the nostalgia I feel from this piece’s high-school locker look, or simply the crisp, clean metal that works with any design style, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.




IKEA Must-Haves | SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp

(image credit – Domino)

Is IKEA serious with this pendant?!  Is it not the chicest little thing you’ve ever seen?  The SINNERLIG Pendant Lamp is the perfect textural element for your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or basically any place in your house.  It’s that great.




IKEA Must-Haves | TARVA Daybed

(image credit – IKEA)

Tight on space or simply looking for something to double as a sofa and a place to snooze?  The TARVA Daybed is your answer.  Paint it.  Leave it unfinished.  Either way, it’s one of my favorite new IKEA must-haves and you need it.




IKEA Must-Haves | ALMSTA Chair

(image credit – IKEA)

Casual enough for the kitchen, but chic enough for the dining room, the ALMSTA Chair is a serious must-have.  For an added layer, toss on the RENS Sheepskin and voila!  Design magic.




IKEA Must-Haves | RANARP Work Lamp

(image credit – Yesterday’s Sweetheart)

The RANARP Work Lamp is modern and industrial, and cool all at the same time.  And it looks like it is worth way more than a mere $27.  Use it on a desk, side table, or nightstand.  Or, buy the floor lamp, sconce, or pendant instead.


xo – tk


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