Jewel Box Bathrooms


Jewel box bathrooms create an impression and start a conversation. Sadly, the lowly bathroom is one of the more neglected rooms in a house and it shouldn’t be! You spend a lot of time in there. Any guest you have will inevitably pay it a visit. Make it sparkle and give them something to talk about.


Wallpaper, tile or paint. Put something on those bare walls! Small powder rooms are the perfect place to go a little nuts with bold patterned wallpaper, flashy tile or textured paint. It’s a modest space therefore, the cost of materials is lower than a full-sized bathroom. Plus, outrageous schemes are way more palatable in small doses.


Play with proportions and quantity, no need to stick to the formulaic, single rectangle. Go for ovals, amoebas, three small squares, vintage frames, oversized. Tons of options! Mirrors give the illusion of space so use that to your advantage when you’re dealing with a closet-sized loo.

Light Fixtures & Hardware

Swap out sconces, drawer pulls or even faucets to go from ordinary to showstopper. Choose an interesting finish or shape. Again, these upgrades are low cost because a little goes a long way in a small room.


Check out these jewel box bathrooms that make quite the impression:


Jewel Box Bathrooms Black White Wallpaper Bathroom

black and white and chic all over


Jewel Box Bathrooms Gold Fish Wallpaper Bathroom

spinning traditional into modern


Jewel Box Bathrooms Grey Wallpaper Bathroom

simple sophistication

Jewel Box Bathrooms Teal Fish Scale Tile Bathroom

shout out to your inner mermaid

Jewel Box Bathrooms Gold Metallic Wallpaper Bathroom

metallics take flight

Jewel Box Bathrooms Blue Moroccan Tile

Moroccan accent

Jewel Box Bathrooms Faces Wallpaper Bathroom

for when you really hate being alone

yas -xo

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