Gallery Walls Fit for the Met

Gallery walls add tons of character and dimension to an otherwise flat and boring blank canvas. As we’ve discussed before, layering with art is a great trick to liven up a space. Several pieces clustered together draw attention and spark curiosity.

What to Hang on a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls can handle pretty much anything. Examples: paintings on canvas, framed photos, tapestries, shadowboxes. A meaningful art collection is built over time and chances are, you already have wall-worthy works in your possession. Dust them off and get them up!

Where to Create a Gallery Wall

Fortunately, there are opportunities to be found all over the house for an artistic display. In fact, some of the most successful galleries pop up in unexpected places: hallways, under stairwells, bathrooms. Maintain cohesiveness with frame sizes, colors and styles or mix it up! Somehow, art always looks good collected together, no matter how mismatched.

Gallery Walls White Frames

All white frames hold this display together image by Brittany Ambridge via domino

Gallery Walls Mixed Frames

Varied sizes and finishes via Sacramento Street

Gallery Walls Stairwell

A trail of frame styles lead the way via Becki Owens

Gallery Walls Bedroom

Nightstand scene complete via Apartment Apothecary

Gallery Walls Hallway

Illuminate the works of art via Dana Lynch Design

Gallery Walls Floor to Ceiling

Taking the gallery to the sky image by Lucy Feagins via The Design Files

Gallery Walls Layered Art

Layered frames via Sheer Luxe

Gallery Walls Mixed Media

Mixed media, both canvases and frames image by Simon Watson via Architectural Digest

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