Black & White Stripes for Any Interior Style

If there is one thing in this world that we couldn’t love more, it’s black & white stripes.  Small, big, subtle, or vibrant, they are the perfect way to add a ton of style to any home.  Stripes can be nautical and boho, or even elegant and super art deco-esque, which is probably why we love them so much–they are so versatile.  They take any style to the next level, which in our minds, is always a good thing.  Check out some of our favorite ways to add some black & white striped flair to any home.


Painted Lines


Black & White Stripes | Painted Lines

(image credit – Apartment Therapy)

Painted stripes in varying sizes create excitement in this entry.


Striped Tile


Black & White Stripes | Striped Tile

(image credit – The Potted Boxwood)

Just LOOK at the striped bathroom floor paired with the mint green vanity at the Mark Hotel in New York City.  Talk about obsessed.


Accessorized Stripes


Black & White Stripes | Accessorized Stripes

(image credit – Apartment Therapy)

The black & white striped pillows add a huge amount of style in a very subtle way.


Runner Envy


Black & White Stripes | Runner Envy

(image credit – Studio McGee)

The vertical stripes on this black and white stair runner instantly invite you into this home.


Nautical Flair


Black & White Stripes | Nautical Flair

(image credit – Brit + Co)

Nautical style is not just blue and white!  This ticking stripe on the coziest chair is the perfect way to integrate black and white into a nautical home.  Coastal chic, anyone?


Striped Patchwork


Black & White Stripes | Striped Patchwork

(image credit – My Domaine)

This patchwork rug makes the typical crisp black and white stripe feel super relaxed, yet super chic.


Line Drawings


Black & White Stripes | Line Drawings

(image credit – Brit + Co)

Why not add black & white stripes to your dinnerware?!  We seriously do not think your guests will be complaining.


Vertical Strie


Black & White Stripes | Vertical Strie

(image credit – Matchbook)

With a bit of black and a bit of white, mixed with a little old and a little new, you can add serious style to any powder room.


xo – tk

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