Design Trade Shows | Architectural Digest 2017

Design trade shows are so exciting!!! The buzz, the furniture bling, the champagne. It’s a beautiful, sensory overload.

Kismet was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Architectural Digest Design Show a few weeks ago, at Pier 92 in Manhattan. We’ll get into some of the things we saw in just a few.

Why Design Trade Shows Rock

A handful of times a year, we travel near and far to design trade shows. It’s a great opportunity for designers like ourselves to meet and greet people in the industry. Most of the time, we email and chat to them over the phone but a face to face (and sometimes a hug) happens a little less often. It’s a chance to drool over the latest furniture, lighting, decor, and art. On display are a range of innovative furniture makers and artists, both established and new to the game. We get to sit in chairs, lounge on sofas, feel fabrics, sometimes before they hit the store shelves. And you guys reap the benefits of our trips because we take what we find and put it right into your design schemes when it fits.

Luckily (or maybe it’s KISMET, wink wink), the shows seem to coincide with a lull in inspiration. So just when we think we’ve seen it all, along comes an invitation to an event that infuses us with shiny, new creativity. You can always count on finding a rare gem at a show that makes you stop and go WOAH. It could be just one piece out of hundreds but that’s perfect! We are interested in exactly that: the rare gems that take a space from meh to OMG.

What to Look for in 2017

Here are some recurring things we spotted at the show:

Petite Furniture

“Petite” might be a bit of an exaggeration. But the scale of furniture is definitely taking a downwards turn. Less bulk, less weight. Basically, furniture is on a beach vacation diet. Spindle legs, delicate details. People are downsizing their homes more frequently these days and the furniture is following suit.

Design Trade Shows Dainty Side Table

dainty spindles

Design Trade Shows Light Pendants

delicate pendants

Horse Hair

We saw woven horsehair, horsehair adorned mirrors, horsehair tassels, it was everywhere. Animal friendly and interesting enough to look at:


Super excited about this one! Although people have been making eco-friendly products for some time now, it’s becoming increasingly mainstream and trendy. It’s much more readily available and accessible, and as we gravitate towards materials with longevity, everyone benefits.

Design Trade Shows Woodform Concrete Sink

woodform concrete sinks by JM Lifestyles

A few extras:

Design Trade Shows Artwork

it’s all in the details

Just pretending to be Cher in Clueless for a minute:

closets by Augusto

Here’s a quick overview:

music by Che-val

All images by Kismet Interiors.

Can’t wait for the next one!

yas -xo

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