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Bookshelf styling might not be the first thing you think of when you’re decorating a room. However, it’s worth the time to give more thought to details when loading up books. Because bookshelves typically take up a decent amount of height and wall space, they become a point of interest. Might as well make them pretty to look at!

Here are some bookshelf styling tips to up your shelfie game:


Decorative Backs


The back wall of a bookcase is a blank canvas desperate for attention. Adding a backdrop of paint creates contrast and dimension. Also, it’s a great opportunity to use bold and graphic wallpaper you might be weary of on four walls. Bonus: paint or wallpaper transforms the bookcase into an entirely new and different piece from the original, so you get an easy makeover with a big impact.

Bookshelf Styling Shelfie Game Black Spotted White Wallaper Back

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Color Coded


Group books by color! Stick to neutrals, move through shades of blue, or cover the entire rainbow. Turn books on their side so only the white pages are visible. As a result, it might take a bit longer to find a specific title (except for you, bookworms), but it will look beautiful!



Bookshelves are the perfect place to properly display picture frames, knick-knacks, and collections. Instead of having pieces strewn all over the room, gather them up in a purposeful arrangement and show them off in one scene. This way, you’re telling a cohesive story with objects. A bookshelf acts as a stage for your story.


Have fun with your shelfies!

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