Sofas for Small Spaces

Sofas are a key component of any living space but when you’re dealing with a modest floor plan, finding the right size can be a challenge. A super lounge-y, U-shaped sectional might be nothing more than a wistful fantasy, but you don’t have to resort to folding chairs just because you’re short on square footage. There are options out there that go beyond the standard.

Check out these sofas (and sofa alternatives) that make themselves right at home in small spaces:

Sweet Sofas

Apartment sofas are shorter than average so you can get one and still have room for other furniture. Go armless for a little more area to spread out.

Loungey Loveseats

Show your appreciation for snuggling with a loveseat! Loveseats are small and solve the problem of seating in cozy quarters. They don’t leave much wiggle room so choose your snuggle partners wisely.

Cozy Chairs (and a Half)

A chair-and-a-half is a compromise between a loveseat and lounge chair, wide enough to curl up.


Futons are great for both seating and sleeping. Plus, they keep the bulk away with a streamlined, minimalist design.

L Shaped

Embrace those perimeters! Typically, we don’t recommend having furniture jammed up, clinging the walls for dear life. But in lots of small living rooms, it’s impossible to float furniture in the room and still have walkways. Line the walls with an L shaped sofa for maximum pass through space.


Pay attention to space under windows and neglected nooks. It’s valuable real estate for hosting a daybed or window seat. Throw some pillows on it and it will quickly become your favorite spot.

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