Kismet University | What the Hell is a Vignette Anyway?

Welcome to Kismet University! At this fine institution, we will attempt to explain design terms and elements. Hopefully, this will make it a little easier to navigate the world of interiors.

Today’s first lesson: vignettes! Vignette is pronounced “vin-nyet” and it is simply a stylized arrangement of objects and furniture. Think of it as a scene that tells a story, which is captured with a snap of a single picture. It can be a chair with a pillow in the corner of the room, flanked by a side table, with a lamp. Or it can be an entry way console, stacked with books and a tray, a piece of art on the wall. It isn’t about clutter, it’s about curation, just like styling for your best shelfie. The composition of the pieces is what makes a vignette a vignette.

Check out these gorgeous examples:

Console Vignettes

Living Space Vignettes

Bedroom Vignettes

Dining Room Vignettes

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