Nooks | Valuable Real Estate Under the Stairs

Nooks are small, cozy and so often, ignored! Space under the stairs is valuable square footage, dying for a purpose. Nooks can easily solve all of your I-have-no-space problems.

The best interior design is the kind that makes the most of every inch in a room. Not filling it with clutter, but utilizing all areas with intention. Check out how to to spruce up alcoves so they do more than gather dust:



A floor cushion and some pillows are all it takes to make a daybed nook your favorite escape.


Play Areas

Tucked away hideouts will occupy kids for hours.


Work Spaces

No one can break your focus when you’re in a secluded work space under the stairs!


Storage & Shelves

Display books in an unexpected spot or hide your clutter in drawers.


Dog/Cat Houses

Even though your beloved furball rules the entire house, they still need their own room.


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