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Worthy splurges should be the shining jewels in a room. You tend to know them when you see them because they steal all the attention, your eye drawn to the unique materials and details that sets them apart from all other pieces.

Interior design can be expensive (especially if you don’t have guidance from the experts!) but you don’t need to empty your entire piggybank for every single piece you drag home. Great design is all about creating a story with layers: layering new and old, balancing low end and high end. So, in order to have great design, you need to spend your money carefully and invest in big impact.

Limit your worthy splurges to these three categories and you can’t go wrong:

Overhead Lighting

Nothing makes a statement quite like beautiful overhead lighting. A bold chandelier provides illumination, sets the mood, and commands a room.


Acrylic, also known as lucite, is a material that never gets old. It rolls through decades of styles and trends smoothly. It can be incorporated into any room in the form of tables, chairs, benches, and even accessories. And because acrylic is clear, it doesn’t add visual weight to a small space.


Legendary queen/interior designer Bunny Williams said it best when she said “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to art. Choosing art is extremely personal: one man’s screen printed soup can is another man’s oil on canvas field of flowers. So pick the pieces that move you upon first glance. The ones you can’t stop thinking about once you walk away. If your choice is driven by true love, you can’t go wrong!

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