Accessories for the Perfect Shelfie

A bookshelf needs a little more than just books in order to be camera ready. Step up your shelfie game with a carefully curated layer of accessories. You might already have a stash of objects collected over time but if not, don’t worry! Check out these decorative accents that can be worked into any display.

Navy Decorative Globe 

Become a geography whiz by spinning this chic navy and gold globe all day long.

Zebra Storage Box

Show off your wild side with this zebra patterned box.

Black Rose & Oud Candle

One of my all time faves, few scents are as intoxicating as black rose and oud.

Amber Troll Vase

For something called “troll,” this vase is awfully pretty! A burst of amber will bring warm and happy tones to your palette.

Gold Knotted Object

This sculptural gold knot adds much needed dimension to the straight lines of a bookshelf.

TheEnd Bookend

These fun bookends certainly know their purpose! You can’t have books without a prop to keep them in order.

Can’t wait to see your shelfies!

yas- xo

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