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Today, I’m pulling a little inspiration from my mom’s latest house project and showcasing dressing rooms! A dressing room doesn’t have to be an entire room necessarily, it can be a small designated area that works as an extension of your closet. Defining that staging area makes getting ready in the morning a more streamlined and relaxing process.

Here are some essential components that make for dressing room dreams:

Garment Racks

Garment racks are GREAT for a million reasons, here are a few:

They take up less space than a wardrobe and they are perfect for rooms without a built in closet.

It’s so much easier to build an outfit when you can see everything you have.

They are mobile, so you can move them around the room as needed.

Having your clothes hanging in a retail display sorrrrt of makes you feel like you’re shopping for brand new clothes without actually spending anything.


What good is a rack of clothes if you have no idea how you look in them? In come, mirrors! Ornate, simple, hung on the wall or propped against, mirrors are essential to any dressing room.


Have your jewelry and makeup within arms reach of outfits 1, 2 and 3, so you can make a quick decision and head out on the town.


Tufted, studded, lacquered and fluffy, all acceptable when it comes to chair options in a dressing room.

Have fun playing dress up!

yas -xo

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