Wallpaper: 7 Bold Prints for the Brave

Wallpaper gets a bad rap; people tend to associate it with muddy colors and old fashioned patterns from the Victorian era that didn’t age well. Not to mention, installing it is a project, with the potential for it to go disastrously wrong (ugh, bubbles!!). However, the library of papers available to us these days is wide-ranging and fresh, and often showcase examples of true works of art.

Bold wallpapers make a BIG impression and work really well in small spaces like bathrooms and nooks. But we certainly won’t stop you if you’re brave enough to paste it all over a bigger space, like a bedroom or living room; in fact, we encourage it!

Here are a few gorgeous papers that are game-changers in the wallpaper world:

Found in Nature

You can always count on finding inspiration in nature.


Everything is left up to interpretation with an abstract.

Black & White

Nothing like the simple beauty of a black and white sketch.

A word of advice: if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, hire an expert to handle the installation. It’s worth the investment to get it done right the first time!

yas -xo

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