Greenhouse Dining Rooms | Glass Wall Dreams

A greenhouse dining room is an absolute must for my dream house. Also known as solariums, conservatories, and sunrooms, glass rooms make a strong case for being the crowd favorite. Typically an enclosed room filled with natural light, they are energy efficient and warm. Greenhouse dining rooms allow you to enjoy nearly 360 degree outdoor views without exposure to the less friendly aspects of being in the elements (hi, blizzards). The magic of having a cozy, winter dinner party in your own snow globe is hard to beat!

Let’s take a look at some dreamy greenhouses on the wishlist:

Sleek & Modern

Clean minimal lines ensure that you are close enough to kiss the sky.

Rustic Retreats

Low key and relaxed woodsy escapes.

Garden Party Shelter

Fit for the queen, pretty little rooms for a spot of afternoon tea.

Plant Palace

A nod to the true purpose of greenhouses: housing plants!

yas -xo

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