Design Myths Debunked: I Can’t Afford an Interior Designer

There are plenty of reasons you might hesitate to bring on a professional interior designer for your latest house project. The most common excuse is pretty obvious: money. No one wants to part with their hard earned cash. We get it! It’s hard to hand over a credit card in exchange for a service that isn’t immediately tangible. Especially when you are already budgeting for furniture and decor. The thing about paying for a interior designer though, is that part of our job entails spending your money efficiently. You get the most bang for your buck. We end up saving you money with smart, intentional purchases; the modest design fee you pay us comes back to you twofold (at minimum).

Let’s breakdown why it pays to hire an interior designer:

Ways You Have Wasted Money

DIY: oh my GOD, do-it-yourself projects can go terribly wrong. I am all for unique, handcrafted experiments but you have to know your limits. When 18 days go by and you’re still working on a project that should have taken 2, it’s not worth it. When you spend 4 times as much on materials because you needed a few takes to get it perfect, it’s not worth it. And when you aren’t even in love with the final product? Definitely not worth it.

Time is money.

Bargains: hypnotized by those shiny markdowns, you fork over money for tasseled pillows you ordinarily wouldn’t consider at full price. It serves no real purpose, looks out of place but it was 50% off!

Bargain bust.

Laziness: no judgement! We’ve all done it. You bought a piece that ended up being the wrong size/color/material, and can’t manage to drag yourself (and the piece) back to the store for a refund. You’ll just stick it somewhere, pretend it works, and secretly hate it.

Good plan.

Shopping Piece by Piece: you buy individual items, without thinking of the larger picture, because you have no idea what that larger picture looks like. This is how you end up with disordered confusion and quickly get branded as “eclectic.” Eclectic is GREAT when it’s an intentional look.

It’s not a style when it’s an accident.

Ways an Interior Designer Can Save You Money

A professional, skilled and experienced in the field of interior design, gets it done right, the first time. We can tell you when it’s worth it to repaint that vintage cabinet and when it makes sense to spring for a new one.

No major mistakes when you’re under the guidance of experts!

We love a great sale and take advantage of them often, but only when it makes sense. There are times when it it’s right to spend less for a less impactful accent. There are times when the answer is to splurge on a statement piece that sets the tone of a room.

We help balance your budget and balance the ratio of high end and low end pieces.

An interior designer creates a cohesive story; a scene made up of pieces that fit together like a puzzle. Each item in the room speaks to the next. When we give you the story board, you can see the vision of everything all together. When you are out shopping on your own, with that vision in your head, you have a much clearer idea of whether or not that floor lamp will work in your scheme.

Less chance of wasting money on things that don’t make sense.

So basically, all the money you lost by not hiring a designer would pay for at least 3 designers.

Check out some of the services we have to offer here!

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