Design Myths Debunked: I Can Do It Myself

Here’s a reason you might dismiss the idea of hiring a professional interior designer: you think you can do it yourself. And sure! You can just do it yourself. But can you do it well, is the question. Maybe? But not as well as we can. Because we’re professionals!! It just goes with the territory. We have years of experience designing homes, planning spaces, measuring and drawing out floor plans, navigating budgets, marrying personal aesthetic with timeless style, the list goes on. We have the foresight and experience to anticipate and prevent problems that aren’t in your realm of thinking. Not because you are dumb or have bad taste, but simply because you haven’t been trained to approach interior design in the way we have. We’ve studied it, we live and breathe it. We see the whole picture and all the details that make up that picture.

We know our stuff and you can benefit from that. Here is what sets us apart from the do it yourself crowd:

Space & Function

We know the best layout of a room as soon as we set eyes on it. We base the layout on two things: function and aesthetic.

A room must be functional; for example, the placement of a tv and sofa is crucial to defining a space as a tv room. We want to make sure a room is easy to move through and we consider potential obstacles like doors, windows, outlets, vents, ceiling height, molding, wall angles. We also want to make sure the furniture layout is visually pleasing so we consider details such as small, boxy windows and how to create a lengthening illusion with draperies. Or how to make a tiny room look more spacious. With the most precise of measurements, we draw out layouts using a CAD (computer aided design) program, which is it’s very own language.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to a space layout and it isn’t always that obvious.


There is a wide range of styles out there. We know how to take the best of the classics and blend them with current elements, like upholstering an 18th century Louis chair in a bright, green textured vinyl from this season’s latest collection; a nod to history while staying present. We also know how to layer styles so a room has character. We constantly source new vendors and artisans for cool, one of a kind pieces, pieces with a story. Our sources aren’t always readily accessible through a quick Google search but because we do the footwork, we have them at our disposal. And because we have access to them, you have access to them when you work with us.


It isn’t fun for you to have to set financial limitations but for us, the fun is in the challenge of producing beautiful work within a set dollar amount. When you set a budget for yourself, it’s easy to fall off and get a little wild. But when you give us your money, we keep every penny in line to make sure that you don’t go beyond your means. We make good decisions about when to splurge and when it’s ok to shop on the low end. We know when a decorative item will make a necessary impact and when it won’t. We end up saving you money this way and it’s pretty hard to argue against that benefit.

Save the do it yourself attempt for something small and less impactful than a room in your house. Hire a professional for an interior design project to get the job done right.

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