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TORONTO - The Ontario government says it's willing to meet with Craigslist to talk about removing prostitution-related from the online service's sites in the province. Ontario sent a letter last month to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster asking him to shut down links to prostitution-relatedand Manitoba announced it was following Ontario's lead.

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However, Ontario Children's Services Minister Laurel Broten says instead of removing theCraigslist has asked to meet provincial officials. She says the government is "very, very interested" in meeting with Craigslist to talk about removing the as one way to protect vulnerable women. Ontario's Tories and New Democrats say if U-S states were able to persuade Craigslist to drop the then Ontario should be able to do the same.

North Carolina Sluts

There are still hundreds of posted on Craigslist every day for prostitutes in Canadian cities. Search Search CP24 X. Province ready to meet with Craigslist over prostitution-related Text:.

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Related Links Ontario asks Craigslist to stop allowing prostitution-related online. News Tips Report Errors. Tweets by CP CP24 Toronto's Breaking News. Gas prices in Ontario dropping by 11 cents per litre on Sunday: analyst.

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Police identify man found dead in garage of Scarborough home after shooting. Ottawa issues travel restrictions on flights from southern Africa in wake of new variant of concern.

Local Sluts near North Carolina

Omicron variant: what you need to know. Toronto police to patrol vaccine sites for .

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CP24 Breakfast Live Stream. Analysis: Omicron variant tanks global markets. ZIP: 27703 27705 27704 27707 27701 27709 27712 27713 27706 27708 27710 27715 27717 27722

27703 27705 27704 27707 27701 27709 27712 27713 27706 27708 27710 27715 27717 27722

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