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Update p. The classified-ad site is asking the court to rule that the attorney general has no right to threaten executives of the company with criminal prosecution for aiding prostitution in the state. McMaster found those changes inadequate. In an interview last week, Mr. McMaster seemed to say that there were gaps in the law and that he planned to question whether federal law should pre-empt state law on the issue.

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The open architecture of Craigslist, quintessential to the value it provides for users, simply does not allow for the absolute prevention of solicitation or pornography, with respect to any of its and functions. Update: Mr. Implication: it is no longer pursuing legal action against Craigslist executives. Will this be enough to persuade Craigslist to back off as well? Another politician trying to manipulate the religous right into giving him money.

A dime a dozen.

There is a complete disconnect between what these types of politicians say, and what they do hidden from view. I hope this lawsuit exposes him for what he is.

Personals in South carolina

Whatever protection Craigslist has for its publication of the erotic services comes from section of the COmmunications Decency Act. They will be wasting taxpayer money over a case that they cannot win without serious consequences to Internet—as we know it—in SC. I wonder if the AG understands the consequences of going this road. I think what the Red States are really worried about is Bristol Palin using these sites to meet the Papa of her next child!

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I wish somebody down in SC would tell him to pull out of the race becasue this has just blown up in his face and Barrett and Haley will have an easy time beating him up. They were popular because the U. Phil Falcone.

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The leader is Craigslist. But the big guys in the music industry got the news machine rolling, and rolled it right over Napster.

South carolina

My concern is that the same public manipulation could be happening to defame Craigslist. Craigslist thrives on usage by the poeple…if dissuades people from visiting Craigslist, then well. At the end of the day he just likes to win. The South Carolina Attorney General SCAG is going to have to go after the telco and cable companies next for allowing prostitutes to have internet access, thus aiding their illegal activities.

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As noted, key to the lawsuit is Sectionwhich is critical to free speech on the Internet — even more important than the First Amendment and I am a 1st A. We talked about CL and in a blog post last Friday. I am not sure the taxpayers of S. Wonder would would happen if Craigslist had simply blocked theof its S. Carolina users — who could then let McMaster know how they felt about it. Carolina care more about finding cheap used stuff during a recession than they do about whether their neighbors are looking for prostitutes online.

By the way, wish MySpace had taken the AGs on in this way, some 3 years ago, over their similarly hollow threats. If craigslist were to take down its casual encounters section or erotic section, prostitution would fill up the massage section.

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If they banned it there posters would go somewhere else. WHAT is making politicians so loopy these days?

Personals in South carolina

Whew, maddening. There are a of free newspapers in S. We have suggested some additional smut merchants — the corporate whores that produce Viagra and Cialis for instance.

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These ex peddlers invade our sacred television airspace with their offensive nasty at every turn, and I mean every damn show. My word, Henry. When will they learn? Until today I was thinking about moving to South Carolina. I want to live somewhere where freedom of speech and privacy are respected.

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Why is prostitution illegal anyway? I am so sick of the law trying to control every aspect of our lives. I refuse to obey any laws that regulate my sex life! I firmly believe that we need people like the AG to look out for the poor uneducated internet user.

South carolina Sluts

We need more such heros. We also need more journalists like Rush Limbaugh who stand up and tell the truth to the American people.


See next articles. Comments are no longer being accepted. They have internet in South Carolina?

Personals in South carolina

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