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How can you tell when an issue has gotten traction? When it spawns its own urban legend. They say that one in three teens will be recruited by an exploiter. In we tested that theory in Westlake Park.

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Most youth were first engaged in this between the ages of 11 and Juvenile custodians elsewhere report similarly high correlations between sexual exploitation and a history of domestic sexual or physical abuse: 93 to 95 percent in Dallas, 71 percent for sexual abuse alone in Las Vegas. Or is it a decision made at the end of a long series of impacts?


Most return home fairly soon; but about 1, do not. The phenomenon is nothing new around here.

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It looked for all the world like lunchtime at high school, until one girl would step to the curb, lean over one of the cars cruising slowly by, open the passenger door and, with a quick over-the-shoulder glance, duck in and ride off. In those pre-digital days, the only way for most pimps, johns and tricks to connect was in person, through a windshield rather than a laptop or smartphone screen.

Today some desperate souls still walk Highway 99 and, rarely, Rainier Ave. But smartphones and the internet make the whole world a track.

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When police search motel rooms for prostitution and pimping paraphernalia, they look for drugs, cash, condoms — and laptops. Jim Theofelis, the executive director of The Mockingbird Societywhich advocates for homeless and foster youth, tells of one girl he knew from Yakima.

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She met a guy on a chatline. She thought he was her own age, and ever so sweet and understanding. When she complained about a spat with her family, he told her to take the bus to Seattle and meet him in front of a juice stand in Northgate Mall. How many kids are falling through the cracks in that imperfect oversight and getting roped in by the pimps?

Their average age when they came into the system was Boyer conservatively estimated that to were actually involved in prostitution, a figure many in the field consider low. Compare that to the less rigorous estimates of the national trade. Justice Department attorney for child exploitation said in Sound implausible? Follow the money. From tothe sex industries in the other seven declined in dollar value.

Based on responses to dummy placed on the classified-ad site Back. The percentage was highest in Houston 21 percent and lowest 0.

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If the Seattle metro area merely matches the national estimate, it has about 60, online sex shoppers. Grandstanding, perhaps, but it seemed to work: The owners sold the Weekly to Sound Publishing, a local community-newspaper publisher, and the Weekly stopped serving as a Back portal.

That may be good news for the Weekly. It continues its lucrative sex-ad trade, touting its procedures to monitor for conspicuous underage offerings but insisting that it would be unfeasible to card every advertiser face-to-face.

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They were the sort of young thugs who might otherwise be selling drugs or doing stickups and strong-arm robberies. Later that year the FBI announced another triumphthis time in its annual nationwide sweep of juveline sex exploiters.

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For the third year running, the Northwest task force rescued more young girls from prostitution 23 than any of its counterparts around the country. It also busted nine more pimps.

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But has anything really changed? No one seems to think so.

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Some of the West Side Mobbsters have since gotten out and been arrested again — for pimping. It was a very real effect, to get them out of that situation. The balloon keeps popping up. Police and prosecutors, in Seattle at least, have graduated from busting the girls who get pimped to busting the pimps themselves. Coming soon: How local enforcers and care providers learned to distinguish between victims and victimizers in the child sex trade.

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He has also written for Harper's, New Scientist, and many other publications. Ebbesmeyer, Flotsametrics. Members of a bipartisan commission couldn't agree.

Singles in Washington, USA

Now, the Washington Supreme Court will draw new political lines that will shape a decade of politics. Share Facebook Twitter Print. The commercial sexual exploitation of vulnerable youths is finally getting the attention it deserves, and even a little hype. But stopping it is another matter. Westlake Park, site of the "45 minute" meme. Up next Politics. Tuesday, November ZIP: 98004 98005 98006 98007 98008 98009 98015

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